Mentoring young women and mothers in Kenya

Concerning the economy Kenya is the driving force in East Africa and in recent years has developed at an above-average rate compared with other African countries. Nevertheless, even today about one third of the population lives in extreme poverty. Particularly often affected are young girls and women who - due to social inequality, school dropouts and pregnancies at a young age - are getting caught into a spiral of poverty at a young age. When our project manager and trained midwife Herine recognized this, she decided to become active via her initiative Chanua Msichana (in English: enlightenment of a girl) and to accompany as many women as possible on their way to a more self-determined life.

"I teach and counsel girls and young mothers in slums and villages about family planning and marriage, (health) education and childbirth and motivate them to go back to school."

Herine's work is very important: currently the situation has become worse and the number of abortions that are not done by doctors has increased, often leading to complications and even deaths after the abortion. And Herine's work is having a strong impact:

"So far, I've helped share information and knowledge, and have actually helped a significant number of teenage mothers go back to school; some others have even started their own small businesses."

The whole waali team is very impressed by Herine's commitment and persistence and is very happy to support the initiative in the long term. Thus, waali regularly finances Herine's courses.

Special place for special kids

These are the words on the front gate of the Joy Center for Autism. And they couldn't describe the facility and its work any better. Autism spectrum disorders are still a stigma in Ethiopia in large parts of the country for those affected and their families. It is therefore all the more important that there are places where autistic children and young people receive the attention and special support they need. A place to learn, to have fun and to develop within the framework of individual possibilities. The Joy Center offers all of this, but also support and education for the relatives as well as a curriculum and therapy plan that is tailored to their needs. Therefore we are very happy that waali can support this extraordinary school from 2020 on! "Your help comes at just the right time", says Zemi Yenus, the founder of the non-profit Nia Foundation and the Joy Center. The school is free of charge for the students, the project is financed solely by donations. "This is already challenging under normal circumstances, but with the Corona pandemic and unrest in the country, it will be even more difficult." Waali wants to continue the cooperation in the school year 2020/2021 and we are happy to have your support, be it financial or by sharing our project in digital and real life.

Scholarship Holder- Thanks Giving Note

"It was like a white pigeon with a folded letter carrying a piece of unknown happy news when I first noticed the 'call for the application' announcement hanging on the dormitory notice board. I just applied and after a short interview, I was informed to be selected as a WAALI scholarship holder. All that I remember that I had made a promise to the interviewer that if I become selected I will try my best to utilize the opportunity. All the way through these years of graduation I remembered this again and again and continued my journey to keep that promise. A part of the journey towards my graduation in Television and Film Studies was greatly supported by WAALI, which worked to build my self-confidence. I have finished the journey with a happy ending and later also the post-graduation which now has opened the door towards a more interesting journey. I wish, one day I will be able to place a shiny feather on the wing of that white pigeon which continuously is showing the lights of hope to the really needy students around the world."

Charity Concert

The 8th Charity Concert in November 2017 was a blast! We enjoyed different acts from RnB and Rap singers to a Punk Rock band. We still can‘t believe how much money has been collected for our students: incredible €1.550! This amazing amount of money will help our students so much!
A huge THANK YOU to all artists, the whole team of Silver-Stage and all the people, that came to the concert.
We are looking forward to continue this wonderful concert tradition in 2018!

Update from Monirul

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all fine. I am also fine. Recently I have completed my In Plant Training at Aristopharma Limited – one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh.

Pharmacy is a health oriented subject. So it needs a deep practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. The training helped me to understand text knowledge that is related with medicine production. Bangladesh is getting high position in exporting medicines in different countries. My fourth year of graduation course has completed. The next year will be the final year.

Thanks to Waali for supporting me. Wish you all a happy and healthy life. Md.Monirul Islam

Master in Accounting

I wanted to thank you for your advice, I have good news for you, I have supported the Master in Accounting and got a score of 16 out of 20. It was a very beautiful gift that life gave me. I owe much to the NGO Waali you could pass it on to other members if possible, thank you again.

Thankful report for good result to Waali

From the last year I was connected with Waali-an organization helping students financially. For the first time I was worried if I would be selected for scholarship. However I was selected.

After that my study pace was increased at a large degree. As the financial tension was removed, I was at a very sound mind. With the help of almighty I got a very good position in merit list.I got gpa 3.96 out of 4.00 in the 3rd year final exam. Then I had got the monthly expenditures for six months. I am very thankful to Waali for selecting me as scholarship holder. Pharmacy is a leading health education in our country as well as the whole world. University of Dhaka offers us a professional degree on pharmacy which is a combination of both theoretical and practical education. As a part of our education we visited Square pharmaceuticals -a leading company in Bangladesh - last month.

I want to be a good pharmacist and to serve mankind with my outstanding performance in medicine world.
Thanks all.
Be healthy and happy.

Monirul Islam

Saiyeed Shahjada Al Kareem: Report


Hope you are well.I was supposed to send a monthly report about my education progress. I am sending it now as my 5th semester's classes have been started from July,24. It is a semester with four courses.
TFS-301-Television Production-Programs TFS-302-Television Journalism-Business and Economics TFS-303-Graphic Art and Animation TFS-304-Film and Video Editing.
303 and 304 are more practical and we are supposed to do more practical classes; so, days are too busy now.For your kind concern, in this semester we are being taught 3D animation making process. For making animation, one is needed a computer of at least 8GB RAM and of i-5 processor. I am trying to solve this with my i-3, 4GB laptop which found from ICT Division of our country.
Another thing is, from the University of Dhaka, 20 students visited the Yunnan University of China free of cost and I was one of the twenty students. My department selected me based on results and co-curricular activities. I have attached the certificate's scan copy, the Yunnan University provided me.
My 3rd-semester result has been published and I have attached the result card here. It was great as for the first time I become first in the class. Now I am waiting for my 4th- semester result.
I have paid 5th semester's tuition fees and before that, I paid 2nd year's university fees and dormitory fees also. Receipt files are attached.
These are the reports and I hope I will send reports earlier in next months. Thanks Waali, thank you for providing the support that made my way smooth.

Pre Eid wishes, "Eid Mubarak"

Best regards, Shahjada.

Shaheen Alam: Annual Report

First, I thank to Waali for the scholarship. My family was happy for this. I paid my all university fees by this scholarship. The year 2015, I passed , it was great. I passed 2nd year and at present my 3rd year final exam is going. There was a great pressure for me to prepared for the exam which take at least two months long. An international statistical conference arrange December by my dept, I enjoyed so much. I took part a lot of cultural program and sports in my dept and campus. I also enjoyed our study tour and more with my friends. This is sadness for me that my grand father was died. I went my home twice last year but I want it more. Over all I enjoyed the last year and tried to achieve something good.

Monirul Islam: About My Last Year Experience

There are several incidents that occur suddenly and influence a person's flow of life.Sometimes these incidents bring good results and sometimes bad. Such an event occurred in my life in the last year. The time was very memorable to me.That time I had recently promoted to new class.I had to buy a number of new books and other educational materials. I was in very need of money for my admission purpose.
So I was looking for a part time job,as there was no chance of getting money from my family.The time was really hard for me.My family gave a small money that was used to fulfill my basic needs. But a large amount of money for my admission couldn't be given my family. In such a condition, one day I saw a notice on our hall notice board. Yes,that was the WAALI scholarship notice. With an optimistic mind,I applied for the scholarship..Then a long time I didn't get any response from Waali.I was disappointed about the scholarship.
Then suddenly I got an email from Waali that delivered me a message that I had been selected for the primary interview. After a long procedure I got that money at my hand.
The day was a memorable one for me.A large load of tension swaped away from my shoulder. With that money I got admitted in new year.I told my parents about Waali.They were also happy and asked me if Waali extend the scholarship for the next years.I couldn't answer them exactly. However, I have studied well and got a GPA of 3.86 out of 4.00.
I thank Waali very much for choosing me as a scholarship holder.My 3rd year examination is going on. I wish I had get the monthly Waali scholarship so that I can study in a tension free mind!

Md. Abdul Motin: Report about last year experiences

At first thanks for your support and cooperation. And I am also sorry for my late response. My one year journey with Waali was really excellent. It is a wonderful organization that supports the financially disadvantaged students of the underdeveloped and developing countries. I have also come to know the programs and activities of Waali. The financial support you provided me last year covered my two semester’s exam fee, tuition fee and also admission fee. I didn’t have any problem regarding my educational expenses due to your support. By the time I have completed my 3rd year. Now I am a 4th year student. Everything is going well. I have secured CGPA 3.52 out of 4 which is the 9th position in my department. Now I am more confident and hopeful to do something good for future. I hope that you will continue supporting me. Your support always makes me more confident. Again I express my heartfelt gratitude to Waali team.

Muhammd Mustafiz: Report about last year experiences

I was confused about my accomplishments ! Because the condition of my university hall is not good for study. Student politics is so rampant(negative) here that pupils hardly get chance to concentrate to their study. I couldn't to be an exception. With observing the campus, enjoying the first moments, increasing friends in campus,attending many voluntary organizations and committing politics one year have passed within a twinkling of an eye. We know Dhaka University is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. But the maintenance process is not very acceptable. But knowing as a good varsity I attended the admission test and got chance. Here the elder brothers who works as our guardians is not so helpful for study. And here if you can show arrogance you will be praised by them. To say at one word, everything you show without your study are get claps. Here who study hard from the first he /she considered as unsocial uttering a slang word (Dhoincha). On the other there remains a hundred amenities for good academic result. The teachers here are highly experienced and very friendly and amiable. In addition the central library and the Dhaka University publication centre gives us great facilities. Though all's available but I couldn't read studiously and got bad cgpa in my first semester exam result.I am now repented for my result. And I studied hard for good result in the second semester exam. The second semester exam result is not delivered yet. It seems that I am so serious at study.Because I want to study abroad and that is why a good academic result is required.

News from Philippe

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to continue my engineering course. Thank you to Waali and all people from near and far to help us move forward in the studies by their gifts and prayers. May God convey my appreciation and my gratitude. Thank you so much. We finished our Master I in very good conditions. The new academic year started March 3, 2016 and will probably be completed in January 2017. For now, we are at our third module of the Master II. Our schedule for the period from March to April is 76 hours of courses including:
  • English 20h (March 2 to 23);
  • Management of 16h skills (March 5 to 13);
  • Driving the change 20h (19 March to 02 April);
  • Management and Crisis Communication 20h (April 16 to 29).
We have between 7 and 8 hours of personal work per week (research, presentation, and library). There are modules that help us to develop our own leadership and to know transmitting it. I spend 3 to 4 hours of time per day to revise my lessons and do additional research on the various modules as stipulated in the LMD system.  I greatly appreciate the International Logistics as it provides a general and accurate view of all internal and external flows of the company, born of its relationships with suppliers, partners, subcontractors and customers. It is a tool of three types:
  • A management tool: it allows to master all flows of the company and allows for good decision making in the buying process, storage and distribution. In other words, it allows to optimize effectively and efficiently the company's resources.
  • A commercial argument: In the sense that a good control of the supply chain ensures a service / product at a lower cost and consistent quality.
  • A source of productivity: it allows the company to have a good quality / price ratio (Cost control). After my graduation Supply Chain Management, I plan to pursue Total Quality Management training. T his training will enable me to have the necessary skills to become Director of Logistics Department or supplies either an import export business in the sight of the knowledge I have of the business environment. It will be my pleasure to meet you at home in Germany, during the holidays, to express to you (Waali Team) my deep gratitude.
Have a good Easter celabration!!

Saiyeed Shahjada Al Kareem: Anual Report

Last year was great.I think it was the best year of my 21 year’s life. Because in this year I saw the world with new eyes, with freedom with happiness.I was mostly engaged with my department.I learnt different things about film making and television production. I made a docu-fiction, a short film and another class presentation on cinematography which is not published. Though all those was no budget film as my dept. helped with logistics and all others are managed by we friends, these works gave me great experience and inspiration to more in this sector in further life. I didn’t have to think about my tuition fees as WAALI provided me that for this year and I am greatly indebted because learning in a film school is not so easy and specially not for me but with the help I am continuing here and the thing is I have gained second position in my department in first year and my CGPA was 3.56 out of 4.00. Now I am waiting for the third semester result which will publish soon and I hope there will be a good news for me. All the teachers were greatly helpful to my studies and I hope I will continue my result through all the difficulties and also hope WAALI will keep helping the students like us to reach our goals.

Alexandre's update

It is my last year of studies (second year of Master degree) which started March 3rd 2016, and will finish in January 2017. At the end I will receive my diploma of Master degree option, Marketing Management.
It is a list of my courses:
Technical English. Skills management, Change management. Brand Management. Distribution and Merchandising. Audit of the human resources function. Industrial Marketing .Customer relationship Management. Oral communication skills of the listener. Information systems and decision support. Criminal Law. Relationship management manufacturer / distributor. Product management and innovation. Policy and business strategy. Corporate governance. Marketing case study .International Marketing. Business Game .My preferred courses is Brand management because, Brand management from creation to the launch on the market always fascinate me.
Thus I spend 10 hours of the Monday to Friday, each weeks and the week end, I am at house with my family or my friends. After my studies, I would like to incorporate a business of large food distribution as a salesman and then climb the ladder to become sales or marketing managers. They are my plans after my studies, I would like to thank the Waali donors for all their benefits.

Joel's update

It is my last year of studies (second year of Master degree) which started March 3rd 2016, and will finish in January 2017. At the end I will receive my diploma of Master degree option, accounting controls and the audit.
It is a list of my courses:
Technical English. Skills management, Change management. Audit and internal control. Commercial audit. Audit of the human resources function. Accounting and financial management. Consolidation. Sectoral control. Oral communication skills of the listener. Information systems and decision support. Criminal Law. Legal Management, fiscal and social. Financial engineering. Treasury management and banking relationship. Policy and business strategy. Corporate governance. Insurance sector and control of the bank. Audit of procurement. Accounting and financial audit. Audit of the production system. Audit of banking. Audit of information systems. Evaluation of business and own funds operations.
My preferred courses are those related to audit because, firstly I like it and afterwards, it is work that I dreamed to make. Thus I spend 11 hours of the Monday to Friday, each weeks and the week end, I am at house with my family or my friends. After my studies, I would like to integrate a cabinet of Audit like Deloitte or others, to perform my formal training and to go to Europe to learn from it still more if the possibilities allow me. They are my plans after my studies, and on this occasion I will make a stay in Germany to greet all the association of Waali if possible (smiling).

Salutations waali

Hello Everyone
We are, Joel Koande (Master 1 Accountancy Audit) and Tanoh Alexandre (Master 1 Commercial Management) Student at INSTEC in Abidjan Côte d ́Ivoire. We are the new Ivorians scholarship holders und we would like to thank Waali and all donors. Thanks to their help and donations we have the opportunity to continue our studies and to obtain a good and successfull degree. And so we can hope for a place in the job market. You can find our respective profiles on the website of Waali ( or his Facebook site (Waali) and you will get more information about us. We will keep you informed about our progress.

Christelle’s review

Groupe INSTEC is a management school created in 1993. Students can graduate in finance, audit, management control, marketing, supply chain management and human resources management.
I chose to study accountancy – management control – and audit because I would like to become a management controller or a company manager. I like this too much. In Côte d’Ivoire, it is easy to get a job when you have this background. Management control goes together with company management. The management controller is responsible for the corporate resources – human, equipment, financial. To become a management controller, you must have a master in accountancy and management control and audit at least.
Now, I am preparing the bachelor degree. I am looking forward for the master. From the first year till the third, you must validate six semesters. The units to be validated are financial accounting, company accounting, international affairs, professional writings, management control, company theory, organizational management and production, statistics applied to management, taxation, marketing, sound accounting, financial management, financial analysis, cash flow management, English, economy (monetary economy, corporate economy, micro and macro economy, economic environment, public politics, economy regularization), commercial law, professional immersion, German, new technologies, financial market, corporate strategies. I must validate all these to get my bachelor. I only need to validate the third semester.

Renée strikes a Balance of her academical year 2014

The bachelor first semester ended on February 28th 2014. It has very enriching even though it has been a little difficult. I chose to study quantitative sciences and actuarial finance at INSTEC. They put together specific subjects like actuaries, money market, insurance, financial engineering, etc …. I admit that for the time being, I haven’t really decided what will be my field. I hesitate between actuaries which are not really developed in Côte d’Ivoire, but which is proving importance in banks and insurance companies, and financial engineering which is best known. Otherwise, I think that I will have a clear vision and I shall tell you my choice at the end of the academic year. The subjects were totally different from what we have seen during past years, they were mostly general studies. Nevertheless, subjects like financial management, operational research and English were not really new to me. I have learned them before. It is also important to say that this year, even if each field has his own subjects, we have some core subjects which are finance and accounting, quantitative sciences, actuaries, international trade and logistics and marketing. In this way, as core subjects, we studied
  • Business English
  • Financial management, precisely investment that is: what investment is, why invest, different type of investment, distinguishing features of investment and the choice of an investment project between two ;
  • Recording which has been a completely new exercise to me. It consists in synthetic and critical analysis of many documents talking about the same theme from different point of view.
  • Management control which is compulsory for every company in so far as we need it to get to control of the cost caused by production for an industrial company or by distribution for a commercial enterprise.
  • The analysis of organizational structures enabled us to know the different organizational structures that can serve as the basis to a company to establish the appropriate strategies.
  • The basic elements of strategies showed us what marketing strategies was, how to analyze strategically the strengths and the weaknesses of a product while determining the opportunities and the threats for this product in respect of competition from other products. It aims to manage cost and make it profitable.
  • Special contract law where we focused on bill of sale and professional lease;
  • And tax system with the study of different taxes applicable to the commercial activities of a country.
On the second semester, we had our specific subjects, more technical and mathematical. Among them we studied numerical analysis to work effectively on matrix, operational research and differential calculus. To sum up, I can say this semester has been positive, especially the core subjects which I have perfectly understood. The specific subjects have been more difficult for me, but I know that I will get through even if the most difficult is to come. For the moment we are waiting for the end-of-term examination results. I hope I will validate all the credits.

What happend in 2014, waali?

Soon year 2014 ends and for us it is time to strike a balance. Looking back we couldn’t have wished for more: Our three girls from Côte d’Ivoire finished their Bachelor degree this autumn and we can proudly say that our pilot project was successful. Moreover we are very glad that Mariette decided to go on and study for her Masters degree in engineering. Thanks to our many donators we could even offer one more scholarship at our Ivorian partner university. Stéphane is fully financed and can finish his studies in International Trades Logistics.
A very happy moment in 2014 was expanding to a new country and the friendly cooperation with the public and prestigious University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. For this new pilot project students still can apply for a scholarship (till Dec 31st here: Meanwhile, our waali page on Facebook has 900 fans. That means 450 more followers than by the end of 2013 – we doubled our fans and are glad for every single person reading, commenting, liking and sharing our posts! And the waali team itself also keeps on growing: a warm welcome to our five new supporting members:-) So there is just one thing more to say – thank you so much for your support, donations, creative ideas and help throughout the whole year! May you, your family and your actions be blessed in 2015!

A new project before the old year ends

Running the project in Cote d´Ivoire successfully, waali has started a further initiative to support more students in financial need around the world. The new project leads us to Bangladesh and its capital Dhaka. Though the country in South-Asia depends a lot on the ready-made garments sector more and more young people see their future in attending university to get a well-paid job. Bangladesh with its very high population is in the market for many high educated junior talents. Therefore waali and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dhaka Prof. Dr. A A M S Arefin Siddique recently signed a Memorandum of understanding to tread the path of cooperation. The University of Dhaka is the oldest and most famous university of the country. In the current year about 38.000 students will attend the state University of Dhaka. Within the pilot initiative waali covers the tuition fees for the selected students, beginning their studies at University of Dhaka in the coming up semester. The application process is two-stage consisting of the online application at waali´s homepage and a personal interview. The initiative aims to support outstanding students lacking the financial background to pay their student fees. Waali´s team is excited to start the implementation of the new project plans within the next weeks helping more students to realize their dream of studying at university and a sustainable future.

Mariette’s Balance of the academic year 2013/14

The academic year 2013-2014 was spent in good conditions. This year, I was in Grade 3 class Professional Degree in Accounting and Control-Audit. I chose this industry because I want to pursue a profession as Controller to monitor, control and coordinate all the decisions and actions of the organization. That is to say, to monitor the reliability of the operation of the organization. So I took courses in various disciplines including: management accounting, financial management, applied statistics, extensive accounting, English, speaking and writing techniques (French), taxation, computer (SAARI accounting software), law, economics, management of cash, general management, inventory management, marketing etc. I had therefore to compose in these subjects during examinations and by the grace of God I have validated all my teaching units. At the end of the academic year, in Septembre 2014, I submitted my end of cycle whose theme was “The Contribution to improving the management of customer receivables”. Again thank God, I managed the final examination. For the new academic year 2014/15, starting on Monday, October 27th 2014, I will be always in the same speciality Master Accounting and Control-Audit. I want to thank you again for your help, because it is thanks to you that my studies have been financed entirely from last year. I hope that this funding will be renewed this year.