Mamun Howladar (23)

"I am Md. Mamun Howladar, a 23 years old Bangladeshi student. I come from a middle class family with 8 members including 3 brothers and 3 sisters. 4 of my siblings are now continuing on study. Only my father can support the family economically right now. His income is insufficient to continue our study without any disturbance. That is why I have to struggle in my daily life for supporting myself economically. My optimistic view desires to reach the ultimate destination in my life, but due to financial problems it is very difficult. As a result I am seeking all opportunities for a better professional education in order to reach my goal. University of Dhaka is one of the highest ranked universities in Bangladesh. I am admitted there, in the department of soil, water and environment. Now I am a third year student in this department. I want to spread my knowledge all over the world. Without any additional income, the living expenses including our academic expense have been increased. To complete my study without any interruption, I am badly in need of a scholarship which may smoothen my academic life. I’m sure to achieve all my goals with a little bit of financial help."


Soil, Water and Environment Science
Abschluss: Bachelor


University of Dhaka (


1 Jahr
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