N’DRI Mammi Renée (21)

"I am a very meticulous person. I like it when jobs are done well, so I am exacting of myself and of my work. As for my hobbies, I really like music. I also like swimming and tennis. Unfortunately, I don’t play tennis, but I’m planning to learn. This scholarship will help me to finish my studies in a positive situation. It is not easy to finance studies here. In order to study at a high level and in good conditions you need to go to very good schools. INSTEC is one of them. So far, every student who has studied at INSTEC has succeeded in finding a good job afterwards. For this reason, I know that I am on a good pathway, I just need a little extra help."

Field of study

Finance-Accountancy and Business Management
Degree: Bachelor


INSTEC (www.gr-instec.net)
Côte d'Ivoire


Duration of the scholarship:
2 years
Amount of the scholarship:
1.600 € (fully financed)