Abdul Motin (21)

"Hi! I am Md. Abdul Motin and I am 21 years old. I am a challenging, hardworking and studies person. From my childhood I have grown up through various difficulties and I saw the sufferings of lower class people from very little distance. My relentless struggle to survive provides me stamina to go ahead. I am the top scorer student in my class. I am the eldest son of my family along with my two little sisters and brothers. My father is a marginal farmer and it is very difficult for him to pay for me. For this reason I need a scholarship to continue my study decently. I study Social Welfare and Research at University of Dhaka. In future I want to be a renowned social worker and want to work for the development of the disadvantaged group of people. I want to make myself as a development partner of my country. And I think your co-operation can help me the most."

Field of study

Social Welfare and Research
Degree: Bachelor


University of Dhaka (www.du.ac.bd)


Duration of the scholarship:
2 years
Amount of the scholarship:
723 € (fully financed)