Khazem Mahmud (22)

"My name is Md. Khazem Mahmud and I’m a 22 years old Bangladeshi student. As the youngest in a family of three children, I have grown up as a fighter, intelligent, humble and motivated risk taker. As my father is a marginal farmer I became a person with the desire to succeed in life. Therefore I seek all opportunities for a better, professional education in order to ensure a bright future. As one of the best students in my class I really want to have a fortuitous career home and abroad in the future. But I have financial difficulties for my final year leading me to apply for this scholarship. Without this support I will not be able to complete my degree. I’m committed to contributing directly to the objectives which are set by the Bangladesh Government for aid development, with specific intensions to assist my country. I believe in my potential to excel in the future, but this is now only possible through your help."

Field of study

Geography & Environment
Degree: Bachelor


University of Dhaka (


Duration of the scholarship:
1 year
Amount of the scholarship:
63 € (fully financed)