Arafat Hossain (21)

"I'm Md. Arafat Hossain and studying in the applied chemistry and chemical engineering department at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is my final year of B.S. (hons.). I want to complete my graduation and higher education at first and then spread my knowledge for a sustainable development of my country. But finishing my studies is not an easy task for me. I had to come through a tough situation because my family is unable to afford me sufficient financial help. For that I really need this scholarship which will help me completing my education with a good preparation for building job career. I’m sure at the end I will be successful if Allah wills."

Field of study

Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Degree: Bachelor


University of Dhaka (


Duration of the scholarship:
1 year
Amount of the scholarship:
50 € (fully financed)