Saiyeed Shahjada Al Kareem (20)

"I am sure I can make it. Till now in every phase of my life I have found the result positive though there were difficulties and various types of problems. I have firm faith in my mind that I will be successful in my future steps and from all these I learned, that we should never give up and hope even if there is no hope visible. From my childhood on I am deeply attracted by film. That’s why when I came to know that there is new opportunity to learn film in my dream varsity which was called Oxford of the east, University of Dhaka; I got admitted. Though studying in a film school is costly I was intended to because I believe that one cannot express himself fully without his working in right place. I felt from my heart that it is my job to know about film and work with it to take our (Bangladeshi) film department at a height as after viewing the film one should say that – yes, this is a Bangladeshi film. As I came from a family of eight members where there is only one earning member it is difficult, sometimes impossible to bear my semester fees; it seems harder to go with my education. Waali scholarship will make it a step easier for me to reach my goal. I think of the day when after going through all the difficulties I will be able to make my dream true."

Field of study

Television and Film Studies
Degree: Bachelor


University of Dhaka (


Duration of the scholarship:
2 years
Amount of the scholarship:
1.072 € (fully financed)