Joy Center for Autism, Addis Abeba

The Joy Center for Autism, one of the programs of Nia Foudation – an officially registered NGO –, takes care of children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Nia Foundation is a pioneer in Ethiopia in creating public awareness of Autism, to advocate and help children who were confined to their homes, kept in dark rooms and who sometimes even were chained and tied with ropes due to ignorance and traditional superstitions. The Joy Center takes care of 80 children from age 3 to 22. The Center provides individually planned education, therapies and trainings. The Center is free of charge for the children and their families. It is fully financed by donations and grants. The running costs are € 100 per month for each child.

Educational program

Individual schedule of education, therapy and trainings


Nia Foundation, Joy Center for Autism (
Addis Abeba


1 year
1.200 € (fully financed)