Educational course for young mothers

Our partner in Nairobi, Kenya, is Herine Akoth Okinda. She is a trained and very committed midwife with many years of professional experience. Especially in slums and rural areas, she offers courses to young women and mothers educating them in topics such as health care, complications in abortions, promotion of equal rights for women, contraception and dangers of early marriage. In Kenya, young women and girls who become pregnant are sometimes subject to stigmatisation and isolation from their families and partners and then face particularly serious challenges, especially when it comes to caring for their children. Professional education and information on health issues therefore play an important role. The affected young women and girls often come from poor backgrounds and have no access to the necessary knowledge. To this end, Herine offers educational courses on family planning, pregnancy and birth, hygiene and child care. The courses are free of charge for the participants and last one month, with appointments lasting several hours once a week. The running costs for the courses are about 50 EUR per participant and are financed by donations only. Since autumn 2020 Waali funds courses on a regular basis for 50 participants.

Educational program

Educational course on family planning, pregnancy and birth, hygiene and child care


Herine Akoth Okinda, midwife


1 month
50 x 50 € (fully financed)