TANOH Bilé Alexandre (21)

"My name is TANOH ALEXANDRE, I am an Ivorian student and I am 21 years old. Coming from a family of 5 children, I lost my father very young, so we were raised with the few means that mom earned with her hairdresser’s. Most of my school education was provided by the State of Côte d'Ivoire to the BTS where I was valedictorian of my promotion to INSTEC in Commercial Management. Because I don’t have the means to register engineering course, I had to do odd jobs around to overcome my schooling license professional marketing / management at INSTEC Group and thanks to the grace of God I could end the year with all the validated modules. I’m admitted Master 1 year of professional marketing / management. But again stands a financial barrier to continue my studies: the school fees have increased which could prevent me from continuing my studies. This is why I applied to Waali for help in order to finish school and get my degree. I can say that I am a young man beating, courageous, determined and motivated in order to have a better future purpose of allowing my family to be free from need. As professional ambition I want to become Marketing Manager or Quality Manager, because for me the quality is part of the process of development of my country Cote D'ivoire. I want to thank all the donors of Waali for this saving gesture to us. "

Field of study

Marketing & Management
Degree: Master


INSTEC (www.gr-instec.net)
Côte d'Ivoire


Duration of the scholarship:
1 year
Amount of the scholarship:
990 € (fully financed)