Muhammd Mustafiz (19)

"My name is Muhammd Mustafiz and I’m 18 years old. I like to read famous persons' autobiography. Because of my perseverance and hard studying I performed with very good results in the University of Dhaka admission test. My first plan is to be a reputed journalist in one of the best international news agencies. More over I want to be a lecturer of Dhaka University in the future. Right now my study is going very well. But now my father is in retirement. And my three other brothers and sister are still studying in different departments too. Under these circumstances it is quite difficult to continue my study. This scholarship will help me to complete my graduation and let me reach my ambitious dreams."

Field of study

Mass Communication & Journalism
Degree: Bachelor


University of Dhaka (


Duration of the scholarship:
2 years
Amount of the scholarship:
195 €