Angura Khatun (23)

"My name is Mst. Angura Khatun and I’m a 23 years Bangladeshi student. As the eldest in a family of seven children, I have done struggle in every stage of my life. My father is a day laborer with very little income and my mother is a housewife. Though my father is unable to afford my educational expenses, I desire to succeed in life for a bright future. I was a good student from the very beginning of my educational life and wanted to get admitted into one of the best universities of Bangladesh. I got the chance but my admission was uncertain due to lack of money. However, God helped me to manage the money from one of my teachers. I work as a tutor to manage my expenses but recently I am facing difficulties. The situation is so tough that I have to stop here, but my family expects me to study onwards for their happiness. It is quite impossible to continue my education without this scholarship. I have recently completed BBA from the Department of Banking and Insurance at University of Dhaka and want to get admitted into MBA. As a student in this department, I feel committed to work for the development and progress of my country’s economy after finishing my studies. I have confidence that I will excel in future, but now only your help can fulfill my desire. Thank you! "

Field of study

Banking and Insurance
Degree: Master of Business Administration


University of Dhaka (


Duration of the scholarship:
1 year
Amount of the scholarship:
131 € (fully financed)